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Quality online courses can provide dynamic and often immediate solutions to challenges facing California educators and administrators. UC College Prep online courses are UC-approved, standards-based courses that can deepen and expand your curriculum immediately and at no cost. You can also go to and get good materials and use them in your research papers in the future, this practice allows you to develop your ideas.

Many educators have already discovered that UC's free high school online courses enhance academic performance, increase student competitive college eligibility, and provide valuable access to free educational resources.

The flexibility and scalability of UC online courses can also help address teacher shortages, curriculum gaps, scheduling challenges, Algebra pass rates, and access to college prep resources. Some schools use UCCP courses for credit recovery, as part of an independent learning program or for gifted students, as an AP® exam prep tool, and for summer and after school programs.

UC College Prep's catalog of online courses helps provide schools with AP® and college prep courses they might not normally be able to offer in a classroom. Schools can more efficiently allocate teacher resources so that one qualified teacher can reach more students because the versatility of online courses allows that teacher to reach students across a school district and on multiple schedules.

A variety of scheduling issues can be addressed by providing online courses. Decreasing enrollments can be mitigated by shifting small sections of students to online courses. Students wishing to take courses at local community colleges can take them through their school or district's online program. Schools that do not have an online program can access UC courses with qualified instructors through partners like UC Irvine College Prep and California Virtual Campus.

California's expanding Algebra crisis can be eased by use of UCCP's Algebra course. Middle schools may use our Algebra course to build the capacity to provide more Algebra sections online for 8th grade Algebra prep and instruction. UC's Summer Algebra Academies use UCCP content to help students succeed at 9th grade Algebra.

Possible uses of UC College Prep courses:

  • Expand your curriculum by providing UC-approved AP® courses and "a-g" courses
  • Accommodate master schedule conflicts and space limitations
  • Use UC courses to provide credit recovery opportunities
  • Bridge distances by aligning qualified teachers with students across a district
  • Build an online program in your district centered on UC-approved courses
  • Use UCCP online science virtual labs to prepare students for wet labs
  • Develop an online summer or after-school program or Summer Algebra program
  • Access home school students by providing an online gateway to UC courses
  • Provide Spanish versions of Calculus and soon Algebra courses online