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Introduction To An Online Course
The future of learning is online.

Students, the University of California is making its online high school courses available to help you improve your academic performance in the classroom and gain access to high quality courses and lessons to help you become competitively eligible for the college of their choice. In addition to courses, order an essay and other intellectual achievements from https://order-essays.com to have the proper level of training.

You can discover online lessons that make learning come alive through interactive online experiences and multimedia courses and content. UCCP content includes written, spoken and visual presentations of key course material, including games, video, demonstrations and virtual labs. Our courses are among the best in the world and they're free. The courses can be used to:

  • View lessons in a multimedia format to help with classroom homework
  • Prepare for AP and other exams by accessing course materials online
  • Preview an Advanced Placement or "a-g" course before taking it in the classroom

Links to UCCP's Open Courses are on the left margin of this web page.

You can access many of our UC-developed courses through our open access website, Open Courses. These are lessons extracted from UCCP courses and accessible through our site and through our partners. These courses do not include assessments.

Although UCCP doesn't instruct its courses or provide credit for them, our partners do. Many California schools and school districts have licensed UCCP courses for online instruction by local teachers. Students should check with their school to see if UCCP courses are available there, or check out our Accessing Instruction web page to find other online options.

UCCP also recommends that students check out other resources that are available to help them plan and prepare for college, including CaliforniaColleges.edu and free SAT/ACT test prep.