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Although the high quality of UC College Prep courses attracts educators throughout the state and across the world, UC College Prep recognizes that educators and administrators may need more than just the courses to successfully implement online courses in their schools and districts. For example, use an mba essay writing service to improve your skills and better represent your ideas. Thus, we will increase both the level of education and qualification abilities.

UC College Prep strives to provide teachers with information, links and resources that may help educators create environments where the courses have the greatest chance of producing successful learning experiences and outcomes for students and teachers. We continually comb the field for new resources to make available to our community of users.

One necessity for using UC College Prep courses is a learning management system.  UC College Prep has formed a partnership with the K12 High Speed Network so that any California school can use a free learning managment system and place our courses on their servers at no charge.  For more information about this free resource, please visit K12 High Speed Network's Calaxy web site.

As online learning continues to grow, UC College Prep will employ the University's expertise in evaluation and research to inform and improve our service. We will also provide our community of users with tools to enhance their online teaching and forums where stakeholders can exchange best practices.

Regardless of whether you are thinking about licensing UCCP’s courses for the very first time or if you have already licensed our courses, we want to give you the tools that you need to succeed.

  • Discover valuable resources related to technology planning and readiness
  • Information about the most widely used learning management systems
  • Information addressing online vs. face-to-face instruction, access and equity, English Language Learners, at-risk or special-needs students, and many other topics
  • Links to training and professional development resources
  • Stay up to date on the University of California’s Online Policy
  • Visit our forum to learn best practices and exchange ideas
  • Find answers to our most frequently asked questions

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