About Us

University of California College Prep (UCCP) publishes high-quality UC-approved courses and course content to benefit California students, with a special emphasis on helping underserved students gain college eligibility. We strive to connect educators and students to ubiquitous and effective UC-quality online materials. Our curriculum is free to California schools, school districts and educational organizations. However, if you want to study the topics in more depth, essays writers from https://essayswriters.com/ will provide you with materials that will definitely be useful to you.

Almost one million students in California attend schools that do not offer enough college prep or "a-g" courses for their students to prepare for college. Students in low performing, small and remote schools are even more challenged to become college eligible. Shortages of Advanced Placement® courses and teachers put students at a disadvantage.

UC College Prep seeks to bridge that gap by helping schools, districts and partners deliver our college prep courses to these and other students online. Since 1999, thousands of students in underserved schools have completed UC AP® and other “a-g” courses and taken AP® exams. In previous years, 76.2 percent of UCCP participants overall and 68% of underrepresented students in the cohort enrolled in a two- or four-year college the year following high school graduation.  Please note that UC College Prep does not provide instruction, grades or credit for its courses.  

UCCP makes its best course content available to California students and teachers by freely licensing its courses to schools and educational organizations, and by putting its content up on open access web sites for all learners to use. UCCP Advanced Placement® courses are audited and certified by the College Board. Courses employ UCCP's unique expertise in digital pedagogy and cutting edge educational content development.

Exciting new online courses are being developed by tapping into the expertise and resources of UC campuses and partnering with community colleges, CSU campuses and others to create the best courses possible — content that can be used by all educational segments and partners. Although UC College Prep's prime focus is on high school students, the program also reaches middle school and community college students.

It’s UCCP’s goal to create courses that engage and stimulate students by integrating with the latest technologies and media. In this way students and teachers will find dynamic educational content easily accessible through the devices they use everyday. With UC College Prep's courses, California educators have 21st century educational technology and top quality approved curriculum at their fingertips.


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