Advisory Board
Creating the best online courses requires the highest standards for course content, pedagogy and technology, using or other sites where you can order articles online or ask for advice during development. Courses must be built on a solid foundation of research and evaluation, aligned with state policy and academic resources, and educational needs and opportunities.

UC College Prep relies on its Advisory Board of educators, administrators and thought leaders to guide the program's quest to achieve excellence in course development, delivery and instruction. The Board ensures that courses produced by UC College Prep are of the highest quality and standards. No UC College Prep course is developed or published without the approval of its Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board provides UC College Prep with input on the development of new courses and content, the effective delivery of courses into middle and high schools, community colleges, California State University and University of California systems. It also advises UCCP on business, technology, fund development, and other operations and functions.

The board is composed of distinguished UC faculty appointed by the University's Academic Senate, K-12 educators, representatives and educational technologists from the University of California, California State University, community colleges, California Department of Education, foundations and businesses. The board is Chaired by UC's Office of the President's Daniel Greenstein, Vice Provost for Academic Information and Strategic Services.

Advisory Board Roster